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What is causing the revolt in Egypt?

I cannot stop watching the news on the revolt in Egypt. It is really an historical event not only for Egypt, but also for the entire region.  People in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez have gone to the streets to bring down the government of Hosni Mubarak.   To give context on how big this is it. Mubarak, who is 80 years old, has been in power for almost 30 years. He came to power after the assassination of Anwar El-Answat in 1981 by Army officers oppose to the Israel-Egypt peace treatment.  The agreement, highly sensitive at that time, made Egypt the first Arab nation to recognize Israel. Mubarak came through the military ranks, the Air Force, which is highly respected in the country as oppose to the police.
As we are looking to these events across the region: The Jasmine revolution in Tunisia, the “Day of Anger” in Lebanon, protests in Jordan, Yemen, and now Egypt, I cannot stop asking what has sparked these protests.  Given the history with Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, there is always a co…

What Social Networks to Use When

I found this chart very helpful to get the most out of the most popular social platforms. The figure is from the book “How to Make Money with Social Media”  by Jamie Turner and Reshma Shah, PHD. I highly recommend the book since it explains in a very simple way the different platforms, mediums, and channels to get started in social media.

Chavez and Twitter – “The Creation of a Communication Guerrilla”

With more than 1,123,743 followers, the Venezuelan President is winning the PR battle Love or hate him, there is something to talk about the Venezuelan President. Chavez has been elected three times in a row. Even though his popularity has declined, he still holds a good chance of winning the next election. This is despite of Venezuela going through one of the worst economic times; the economy shrank by almost 2 % in 2010. Venezuela has now had more than eight consecutive quarters of falling GDP. This is at the time where all the Latin American countries are growing. We can also argue that he has become more authoritarian. He has handicapped the legislative and justice branch. He even changed the election rules to continue to hold majority. However, you have to ask yourself, what is Chavez doing right? For starters, he connects to the masses on a way than no other candidate does it. He also has mastered twitter. He has made twitter “a weapon that also needs to be used by the revolution…

Dominican Republic in Times of Cholera

The DR needs to step up its help to Haiti. The country has too much to lose. Haiti’s problems are Dominicans' problems.

The Problem
A few days ago, a US coworker asked how safe it is to travel to the Dominican Republic (DR) these days. She was planning a trip to the DR with her family to a resort in Punta Cana, in the east coast of the island. Her concern is legitimate: the DR borders Haiti, which is experiencing an outbreak of cholera after the devastating earthquake last year. The bacterial intestinal disease has already killed more than 1,100 people in Haiti and hospitalized more than 18,000 others.
After my short conversation, I started wondering how many people also fear visiting the DR. What is going to be the social and economic cost to the DR? What can the country do about it? Should they acknowledge or ignore it?
The DR has a fairly decent health system, which is ranked 51st out of 191 countries. This is lower than Mexico and South Korea. The CDC and the WHO (World Health Org…