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Behind The Times

Last weekend, I went to see New York Times: Page One, a documentary on The Times’ struggles in today’s digital landscape. The New York Times, whose revenue has significantly declined in past years, still remains one of the top sources of credible reporting in the US. The Times website receives approximately 30 million unique visitors per month. To survive, the Times is restructuring its business model.  On May 26, 2011 The Times instituted a paywall for visitors who want to access more than 20 articles per month. This is the second time that the New York Times has launched a paywell. The first was in 2006, TimesSelect. The paywell was unsuccessful at that time, and The Times pulled the plug in 2007 due to the loss in advertising revenue.
I don’t know if the scheme is going to work this time. I definitely hope it does. Early results are encouraging. The number of paid digital subscribers already surpassed 100K within three weeks of the global launch of the scheme. The question is whet…