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Does your brand support gay marriage?


Our society is currently entrenched in a civil war over gay marriage.The Supreme Court is hearing a case that challenges the constitutionality of the 1996 Federal Defense of Marriage Act.The law narrowly defines marriage as a union between a man and woman. Nine states and the District of Columbia previously allowed gay marriage through state supreme court rulings, until voters effectively reversed the courts’ decisions.
The Supreme Court, which mirrors our polarized society, seems to be equally split on the issue. Not only are people taking sides, but a few big brands have also jumped in to defend gay rights. I wonder if we'll start to see more brands taking a driving role as activists in our society.
For the most part, brands have avoided getting dragged into these sensitive issues. This is not surprising, as the adoption of any position can cost millions in revenue if it antagonizes a portion of the brand’s customer base.
This neutral position, however, might no…

The Trust Economy

In the digital space, trust is everything. It is an economy based on connections, where social capital matters. Brands with more inbound links from credible sources tend to have more visibility and social capital. And the more earned trust through “credible links”, the more growth.
This market dynamic not only keeps digital brands honest, it also pushes brands to build relationship in a more gradual and sustainable manner. Digital brands are born with the promise that they are not perfect and need customers’ feedback to shape their development. This is why they are in constant beta.
We are currently going through a start-up tech boom. These start-ups tend to have a meaningful mission that solves a problem for the community better than existing alternatives. Nothing more, nothing less. Often, the primary goal is not to make money. If we look at the most of the successful digital brands (e.g., Facebook, Groupon, YouTube…), they are still wrestling to make a profit. And the ones that …