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Will people reject native advertising?

People don’t read or watch advertising. They engage with content they like which might happen to be advertising.Advertisers, publishers and journalists have yet to come to terms with “native” advertising, which is content produced or sponsored by advertisers in magazines, newspapers... For example, you can check out this article sponsored by Geico in Buzzfeed.You can also watch Andrew Sullivan and Ben Smith live debate on native ads at social media week 2013. 
On one hand, some journalists and publishers argue that native advertising is bad. It is misleading and violates the consumer trust. People visit publishers’ sites such as The New York Times and Washington Post for unbiased information, not to be sold.
On the other hand, advertisers and some publishers argue that native advertising has been around forever in some shape or form.As long as the content is properly labeled, it is fine. Plus, it helps pay the bills. Publishers have been struggling just to keep above wa…