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Why I am bullish about our economy

The spirit of our people who thrive in adversity. Neighborhoods that work together to make the impossible possible. Small businesses that reinvent themselves to seek new opportunities. Students on a quest for new and better ways to build the future. Teachers who inspire and open the minds of everyone willing to learn.
These intangibles are tangibles. They represent the fabric of a new generation that is open, connected and collaborative in real time. They are no longer waiting for jobs, they are trying to create their own jobs and own their destinies.
The digital economy has created a true community. An open environment where all is possible for those willing to put their time and passion into learning, creating, sharing and influencing. A society without gates, with free access to information, tools and networks to unleash our shared passion to invent our jobs and own our destiny.
The more we take control of our destiny, the more resilient we become as people, as a…

How is digital changing the rules of branding?

What has NOT changed? The principle. Brands are still built on a single-minded promise that needs to be relevant, credible and unique.
What has changed? The environment. Brands now live in a digital landscape that is open, connected, and works in real time.
A different environment requires different rules. Below are three ways the digital environment is changing the rule of branding:
1. Creating open brands
In the digital world, there is no gap between the say and the do. If a brand doesn’t deliver on its promise, it is going to be called out. People are more likely to talk about negative experiences than positive ones. Digital provides the perfect platform to create and distribute content across an inter-connected network. A transparent environment not only puts more checks and balances on brands, but it also requires brands to be open and honest with their customers.
Think about an open kitchen restaurant where customers have a full view of how their dishes get made. A good exampl…