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The making of a “liberator” brand

Routine is good, difference is bad. Happiness is eating the same breakfast every day. Welcome the “Routine Republic”, a fictional communist state ad produced by Taco Bell to reframe McDonald’s as an oppressive breakfast regime. Has Taco Bell gone too far? And most importantly, is it going to work? The reality is that McDonald’s is a big corporation that commands the lion’s share of breakfast fast food category at 30% US market share. McDonald’s has a reputation for serving cheap and unhealthy food. And in some areas of the country, it might be the only affordable option for a meal. Whether any of us enjoys a good McMuffin or not, this has all the ingredients for the making of a fictional “communist country”, a state-run monopoly that provides few options and low living standard to its citizens. Therefore, people are living in a state of compliance “routine” and need to defy the establishment to change their lives. This sounds pretty close to the oppressive states in The Hunger Games …

Why brands don’t stand up against Dolce & Gabbana?

This week Dolce & Gabbana made some controversial statements against adoption by gay couples.  They said that the only family is the “traditional” family with straight parents, one and that children born to gay couples via IVF are “synthetic.” Celebrities such as Elton John, Madonna, and Ricky Martin responded with a crusade to boycott Dolce & Gabbana products.

Now, here is the question: Why is it that brands that stand for gay rights such as Amazon, Kenneth Cole and Absolut Vodka have yet to weight in?Today, we expect brands to have a sense of purpose and be willing to advocate for it when matters.
I understand that one way to respond is by not responding. By ignoring the statement , one can avoid giving additional attention to it.However, as the conversation grows, consumers expect brands to be part of that conversation and to have a point of view. This not only makes business sense, it makes people sense.
Today, it is really hard to get people’s attention. A tsunami of b…

The End of Truth

When Journalism and Entertainment Collide "Entertainalism"

We have grown up thinking that what it is reported in the news is truth. We call news media the fourth estate. It has the power to change hearts and minds, and to that end, keep the government in check. But what is considered news today? And who is dictating the news?